21 Oct 2022

Waterborne Polyurethane Resin for Leather Top Coat

October 21, 2022

Leather finishing is generally divided into three parts: base coat, middle coat and top coat. The base coat requires strong adhesion, covering power and good embossing formability. The middle coat further covers and corrects the color, and finally meets the visual and physical performance requirements through the top coat. A matt or glossy effect can be achieved with specific topcoat products.


Waterborne polyurethane resin is the main material commonly used in leather finishing. It featured good film-forming properties and adhesion power. The coating has high gloss, high wear resistance, high elasticity, water resistance, weather resistance, cold resistance and chemical resistance. Enhacene the finished leather hand feels, greatly improve the grade and protection of leather products.



In order to meet customers’ pursuit of quality and meet the strictest environmental protection requirements,Technical Control has launched two single-component waterborne polyurethanes, which are polymerized from aliphatic isocyanates. They are featured with excellent adhesion, good anti-sticky, comfortable hand-feel, no yellowing, good high and low temperature resistance. It is widely used in leather products such as shoe materials, belts, sofas and luggage leather, providing excellent glossy and transparency, excellent wear resistance and weather resistance for leather top coating.





Physical Properties


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