11 Aug 2022

Water-based Resin for Wood Coloring | Technical Control Waterborne PUDs

August 11, 2022

Wood is one of the natural materials often used in our homes. In order to preserve its qualities and looks during times, it requires a protective coating on the surface of the wood. With the increasing environmental awareness and attention to health, consumers tend to choose eco-friendly products. Many coating companies have started producing water-based wood paints.


Wood coloring is an indispensable procedure in the construction process of water-based wood coating. The common method is to spray directly with alcohol and dye mixture. However, due to the fast drying of alcohol and poor tinting strength, uneven tinting is caused, which affects the aesthetic effect of the product.


Aiming at the problem that water-based wood paint is prone to flooding and unevenness in large-area coloring, our engineer team cooperates closely with customers, operates experiments together, continuously optimizes product performance, and develops a product that is widely used in wood coating. Aqueous polyurethane dispersion for wood coloring (PU 161).



Compared with the traditional products, the water-based wood paint made of PU 161 effectively solves the problems of poor tinting strength, flooding, unevenness and have excellent interlayer adhesion.



1.Excellent transparency and excellent tinting strength.

2.Excellent compatibility and stability with alcohol.

3.Smooth hand feel, non- sticky, excellent adhesion.

4.Low odour, low VOC, APEO, NMP and tin substances free.

5.Good compatibility with various types of water-based polyurethane dispersions and acrylic emulsions .


Physical Properties



Suggested Formula:


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