14 Jun 2024

Vibrant Summer Hues: DIY Color-Mixing for Eye-Catching Bags | Lorence TP Colors Shine Brightly This Season

June 14, 2024

In the process of DIY bag customization, coloring is an engaging and creative step that allows you to freely combine your favorite shades and unleash boundless creativity.

Lorence TP Color Series

TP Color Series is specifically formulated for leather refurbishing and color transformation, delivering a vibrant, luminous palette that captivates the senses. The high-performance series boasts excellent coverage, outstanding wet and abrasion resistance, and remarkable flexibility.

Compared to regular pigments, the TP color demonstrates unrivaled colorfastness and adhesion. The applied color remains firmly in place with minimal fading, often eliminating the need for a separate fixative even after spray or manual application.

DIY Coloring Empowers You to Craft Summer-Ready Bag

TP – Sky Blue

Evoking the boundless blue of the summer sky and the vast expanse of the ocean

TP – Fiery Red

Symbolizing the sun’s blazing radiance and radiating an intense glamorous glow

TP – Golden Yellow

Mirroring the shimmering lakefront, the sun-kissed beaches, and the undulating waves of golden wheat

TP – Bordeaux Red

Akin to the deep burgundy of ripened grapes, or the scarlet hues of early summer tulips

TP – Lemon Yellow

Radiating the luminous glow of sunlight that bathes the earth, swaying in harmony with the golden lemons amidst the green foliage

Achieve Flawless Color Transformation in 4 Simple Steps

Lightly clean the leather surface with a leather cleaner to remove dust and oil.

When change dark color to lighter or more vibrant shades, first apply a base layer of white to create an optimal foundation for your desired hue.

Apply the TP colors with spray gun or high-density sponge, repeat it until achieve desired result.

Fixing agent is not necessary – let the finished leather to dry at room temperature.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on the Lorence TP color series.