05 Apr 2024

Unlock the Secrets to Preserving Leather Goods in Humid Seasons

April 5, 2024

As April blooms with the freshness of spring, it also brings forth the arrival of the humid season. Within this atmospheric shift, our treasured leather jackets, shoes, and handbags face a formidable challenge. The dampness not only dulls their luster but also fosters the growth of mold, jeopardizing their longevity. So, how can we bestow proper care upon these exquisite leather companions during this time?

Mold Prevention: Start from the Source

The first step in mold prevention is ensuring a dry and well-ventilated storage environment for leather goods. Avoid storing leather jackets, shoes, and handbags in damp or enclosed spaces, as this greatly reduces the likelihood of mold growth. Additionally, regular mold prevention treatment is essential. Apply a specialized mold prevention agent evenly on the surface of leather goods to effectively prevent mold infestation.

Cleaning and Care: Attention to Detail

If you notice mold spots on the surface of leather goods, there’s no need to panic. First, put on protective gloves and a mask, then gently wipe the surface with a clean towel or tissue to remove dirt and mold. Next, use a specialized mold remover for leather to effortlessly eliminate mold spots and prevent their recurrence. Afterward, use a leather cleaner to remove any residue from the mold cleaning agent. Finally, apply a leather protector or leather revitalizing cream to establish a protective layer that not only eradicates mold spots but also nourishes the leather, restoring its original shine and elasticity.

Daily Maintenance: Consistency is Key

Apart from mold prevention and cleaning, daily maintenance plays a vital role in leather care. After each use, ensure to wipe the surface of leather goods with a clean towel to eliminate dust and dirt. Additionally, take precautions to shield leather items from chemicals or sharp objects to prevent scratches or discoloration. Moreover, it is highly recommended to engage in regular maintenance practices, such as applying leather protector or leather revitalizing cream to keep the leather supple and smooth.

Although the humid season poses challenges for leather maintenance, by mastering the appropriate care methods and consistently implementing them, we can guarantee that leather products retain their original beauty and quality for an extended period.

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