29 Mar 2024

Unleashing the Beauty of Mutation |Première Vision Launched Color Range of Spring Summer 2025

March 29, 2024

Première Vision (PV) has released the color palette for Spring-Summer 2025 (SS 25). The ecological transition has become an imperative for all industries, prompting the need for innovative and creative approaches from designers and clients alike. As a result, the fashion industry is undergoing a profound transformation towards sustainable models. In light of this, the theme for this season is “Mutation,” which aims to preserve and restore the essence of creativity while harmonizing with the natural world.

Whitened & Desaturated

The power of light flows seamlessly through every theme of the season, encompassing whitened tones and over-exposed warm hues.

Concentrated Intensity

Intense colors evoke regenerated natural elements, featuring a vibrant and energizing burst of colors derived from an immersion in nature. This creates a captivating sensory experience.

Ambiguously Opalescent

The harmony between evanescent and intensely deep tones creates a collection of strange yet appealing color combinations. Inspired by mutation processes in the organic world, the color range tells a cohesive visual story.

Mutating Colds

Experience a captivating color range that elevates colds, blues, and greens to extraordinary levels, mesmerizing with its captivating shades.

Première Vision Spring-Summer 2025 Edge Paint Special Effects

Drawing inspiration from the four themes of the PV SS 25 color ranges, D&A Edge Polymer is proud to introduce the the new season’s PV trend-inspired edge paint. Additionally, our industry-leading BIO-Circul®️ Series bio-based edge paint can also be applied to this collection. Furthermore, we have specifically developed edge paints special effects that match the colors of PV 2025 Spring/Summer. With a wide range of trend colors and captivating special effects, these edge paints offer a transformative touch to any creative project.

DuoChrome effect edge paint special effect

Floating Ink edge paint special effect

Frolic Drops edge paint special effect

If you are interested in obtaining further information regarding the D&A Edge Polymer PV SS 25 color series or exploring additional product details, please feel free to reach out to us.

Data Source:Première Vision