03 Nov 2021

Technical Control Joins Renewable Carbon Initiative (RCI)

October 28, 2021

As a responsible chemical manufacturer in the industry, Technical Control became a member of the Renewable Carbon Initiative (RCI) this year, helping to fulfill the vision of replacing fossil carbon with renewable carbon by 2050.


What is renewable carbon?

Renewable Carbon entails all carbon sources that avoid or substitute the use of any additional fossil carbon from the geosphere. Renewable carbon can come from the biosphere, atmosphere or technosphere – but not from the geosphere. Renewable carbon circulates between biosphere, atmosphere or technosphere, creating a carbon circular economy.


Why do we join the Renewable Carbon Initiative (RCI)?

The aim of the Renewable Carbon Initiative (RCI) is to support and speed up the transition from fossil carbon to renewable carbon for all organic chemicals and materials.


RCI addresses the core problem of climate change, which is extracting and using additional fossil carbon from the ground that will eventually end up in the atmosphere. Companies are encouraged to focus on phasing out fossil resources and to use renewable carbon instead.

The initiative wants to drive this message, initiating further actions by bringing stakeholders together, providing information and shaping policy to strive for a climate-neutral circular economy.


The vision of Renewable Carbon Initiative (RCI) is stated clearly: By 2050, fossil carbon shall be completely substituted by renewable carbon, which focuses on accessing hydrocarbons from alternative sources: biomass, direct greenhouse gas utilization and plastic recycling.


This vision is one of long term goals of Technical Control’s sustainable development. We are changing the source of our raw materials, which including using biomass and other sources of renewable carbon to develop environmental friendly chemicals. Through this practise, we hope to help our partners and customers lower carbon footprint on products and achieve their sustainability goals.