31 May 2024

Revolutionize Leather Coating with SM42 | Technical Control’s Breakthrough Innovation

May 31, 2024

Leather coating plays a vital role in the leather manufacturing process, providing not only an aesthetic enhancement but also a protective film that improves smoothness, abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, and provides some level of waterproofing. Moreover, top coating enhances the tactile experience of leather, imparting a softer and more comfortable feel.

Waterborne polyurethane resins are pivotal components in the formulation of leather top coatings, contributing significantly to their performance and quality.

Introducing SM42 for Leather Coating
Waterborne aliphatic polyurethane for leather coating

Technical Control has developed SM42, a transparent, soft, and high-gloss waterborne aliphatic polyurethane specifically designed for leather coating. It offers versatility for a range of applications, including furniture leather, various types of soft leather, and box leather coating formulations. This product demonstrates exceptional flexibility, superior adhesion, and remarkable resistance to abrasion. Furthermore, it enhances the saturation of the topcoat, resulting in improved layering performance when used alongside a crosslinking agent.

The transparency of SM42 enhances the color vibrancy of leather, while its high-gloss performance achieves a smoother and more refined finish on the coated surface. Additionally, it forms a protective film that effectively safeguards against staining and scratching, thereby prolonging the leather’s lifespan. SM42 is compliant with the ZDHC MRSL V3.1 certification standard, ensuring its environmental friendliness.

Product Features:

1. Outstanding flex resistance at low temperatures and superior gloss for the top coat.

2.High tensile strength combined with a soft touch

3.Excellent water resistance properties

4.Free from APEO, NMP, and tin compounds

5.Designed primarily for leather coating applications, offering versatility for direct roller or spray application.


・Coating for Furniture leather

・Coating for various types of soft leather

・Coating for box leather

・Coating for Automotive leather

Product parameters

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