01 Sep 2022

PUD Dispersions for High-end Water-based Wood Coating

September 1, 2022

With the growing environmental conscious, the VOC emission problem of wood coatings is subject to more strict restrictions. It is an inevitable trend for the wood coating to develop in the direction of environmental protection, non-toxicity, and pollution. Water-based wood coating significantly reduces VOC because water is used to replace organic solvents to meet environmental protection needs. The film-forming process of water-based wood coating is a polymer emulsion or dispersion dispersed in water in the form of small particles. With the volatilization of water, the emulsion particles approach each other, aggregate, compress, and gradually merge, and the interface between the particles disappears, finally forming a uniform paint film.

In the actual application process, there are many types of water-based wood coating. The common categories are single-component water-based wood coating and two-component water-based wood coating. The single-component does not need to add a curing agent during use and is easy to operate. However, its physical properties, especially chemical resistance, are often inferior to two-component. This is a difficulty that has affected the use of single-component water-based wood coating for many years.



The engineering team of TC, responding to the industry demand and with the R&D experience accumulated over the years, tailored a waterborne polyurethane dispersion(PU 611). In practical application tested and market application, this product has outstanding adhesion to substrates and the surface of wood coating, with excellent hardness, outstanding anti-sticking resistance, water resistance, dry heat resistance, chemical resistance, and excellent recoatability. It is recommended to use in high-end wood finishing. It can be formulated directly or mixed with other polyurethane dispersions and acrylic emulsions.



1. High hardness and smooth feel.

2. High gloss and adhesion.

3. Good weather resistance and scratch resistance.


Physical Properties

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