15 Sep 2022

Outstanding Flex Resistance|D&A Edge Polymer Launches Anti-cracking Primer

September 15, 2022

There are many different styles of handbags on the market, such as simple-elegant tote bags, lively cute bucket bags, and various gentlewoman-style flap bags. Those who have used flap bags or flap wallets might have noticed that the edge paint at the joint area of handbag flap and back body is easy to crack after using for a while.


The edge paint at the joint area of handbag flap and back body, due to the excessive force at a certain position, is easy to cause the edge paint cracks after a long time of opening and closing.

In response to this special requirements, our R&D team has developed an anti-cracking primer DAS680/C. This anti-cracking primer has excellent flex resistance to tearing. It helps handbag manufacturers to solve the common cracking problem at the joint area of the leather flap and the back body of the handbag effectively.



This anti-cracking primer is made of pure polyurethane. Main features include excellent flexibility, tear resistance, softness and non-sticky.



1.Apply Adhesion Promoter UA400H to the edge surface.

2.Apply Anti-cracking Primer DAS680/C to the “L” Shape Corner Joint which connects the flap and back body. Then apply the primer to the rest of the top edge of the bag, except the “L Shape” corner according to standard SOP.

3.Abrasive with sandpaper.

4.Follow standard SOP to apply colored edge paint.


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