24 May 2024

Lorence’s Expert Solution: Transform Your Deer Leather Shoes with a Touch of Magic

May 24, 2024

Deer leather is a delicate, soft, and flexible natural leather known for its beautiful patterns and luster, making it widely used in the production of high-end leather shoes. Deer leather shoes primarily utilize materials from cervus nippon and red deer, offering numerous benefits including exceptional comfort, excellent breathability, remarkable flexibility, and outstanding durability.

However, in daily life, deer leather shoes are prone to scratching and abrasion due to the thinness of the grain surface. Additionally, deer leather tends to absorb moisture, leading to stains and even water damage. Therefore, while pursuing the sophistication, comfort, and aesthetics of deer leather shoes, attention should also be given to their storage and care.

Lorence has developed a professional solution to address wear, scratches, and stains on deer leather shoes

Lorence Leather Cleaner

This product is a water-based leather cleaner with a neutral pH value, capable of gently cleaning leather while enhancing its natural touch. The leather cleaner effectively removes general stains, protein-based stains as well as water-based stains.


Step 1

Begin by protecting the edges of the leather shoes with grain paper. Then, take a cloth dampened with Lorence Leather Cleaner and gently wipe away any surface stains. For deep stains, multiple wipes may be necessary. Allow the shoes to air dry. Removing stains helps enhance the leather surface for better coloring.

Lorence Professional Dyes – Black

This water-based wax dye offers excellent penetration and coloring abilities. It possesses remarkable physical properties, including water repellency and resistance to abrasion, making it an ideal match for deer leather shoes.

Step 2

Start by smoothing out the damaged areas using sandpaper. Then, apply Lorence Professional Dyes in circular motions to color the surface of the shoes. Repeat the circular motions on the scratched and damaged areas for better penetration and coloring.

Step 3

Heat the iron to 100-110°C and carefully iron the worn and scratched areas of the leather to achieve a smoother texture.

Step 4

Finally, use a cloth wheel to polish the shoe surface and restore its shine, texture, and radiant appearance.

Tips for Daily Care:

– Use a soft brush on a regular basis to remove dust from the surface of the shoes.

– Avoid exposing the leather to humid environments and keep it dry to prevent moisture and the growth of mold.

– Perform regular deep maintenance on the leather to preserve its appearance and extend its lifespan.