22 Sep 2022

Lorence Aniline Cleaner

September 22, 2022

During the process of tanning, in order to largely remains the original quality and natural grain of the leather, aniline leather has only minimal coverage on its surface. Therefore, high-end leather goods made of aniline leather often face a series of cleaning and maintenance challenges in daily use.


Lorence Aniline Cleaner is a water-based cleaner with medium strong cleansing power. It is designed to clean aniline leather, which can effectively remove the stains accumulated in daily use, and can also avoid the darkening of leather color in the cleaning process.


Cleaning Effect

This cleaner has a good degreasing and decontamination effect on unfinished vegetable-tanned leather as well. It can effectively remove the hand oil and hand sweat absorbed by the leather wrist during use.


Likewise, it can also be used on nubuck. Nubuck is easily stained with dust and stains in daily use, which is not easy to remove. Using aniline cleaner can easily remove these dust and stains.



1.Pour the Aniline Leather Cleaner onto the sponge and gently wipe the area of leather to be cleaned in circular motions.

2.Use a clean towel to wipe off excess foam in the process of cleaning.

3.Repeat the above operation 2-3 times until the desired cleaning effect is obtained.

4.After the leather is completely dry, apply water-based leather protector or a water-based leather waterproofer to provide a protective coating on the leather.


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