14 Jan 2022

Shine the Leather Shoes | Lorence Liquid Wax Series

14 January 2022

Liquid wax is one kind of water-based brightener used in the after-treatment finishing of leather shoe uppers. It can partly modify the defects of natural leather whilst helping to improve the brightness, hand feel and waxy feel of corrected leather and full-grain leather. Shoe uppers treated with liquid wax are embarked with certain protection and therefore enhance the performance of waterproof, anti-stain and dry and wet rubbing resistance.

Types of Liquid Wax
Non-film-forming Liquid Wax

Non-film-forming liquid wax consists of non-film-forming resin and wax emulsions. It becomes fine powders when peel off, which is difficult to detect with the naked eye. It can be applied after shoe cream.


Film-forming Liquid Wax

Film-forming liquid wax consists of strong film-forming resin and wax emulsions. Given its high brightness, it is usually used on shoe toe cap and heel cap to enhance gloss. Film-forming liquid wax falls off into flakes and cannot be used after applying shoe cream.


Precautions when using Liquid Wax:

1.Please clean the uppers of leather shoes before spraying liquid wax. If there are impurities on the uppers, they should be blown clean with airflow, otherwise there will be decorative particles due to impurities;

2.Set the air pressure of the spray gun at 40-60 psi, and adjust the spray amount according to leather conditions. If the spray is too heavy, it will cause slurries;

3.The drying temperature should be controlled at 50-70°C, if the temperature is too high, it is easy to make the upper become flowery and foggy;

4.Check adhesion 24 hours after application.


Lorence Liquid Wax
Self-shine High-gloss Liquid Wax AP-H-710

Designed for genuine leather with excellent adhesion, ductility, waxy feel and low temperature resistance.


Medium-gloss Liquid Wax AP-S-104

It forms a natural and transparent film imparts leather good hand feel. A silky smooth hand feel can be obtained after polishing.