06 Oct 2023

Leather Goods Renovation in Simple Steps | Lorence Smooth Leather Renovation Solution

October 5, 2023

Smooth Leather, also named full grain leather, which is one of the most commonly used leather types in the high-end leather goods market. Smooth leather is made from raw hides with fewer scars, it can be surface-coloured (pigmented) or porous (aniline leather). This process allows the leather to retain the original touch and the texture.


How to renovate smooth leather goods?

Due to the texture of smooth leather goods is relatively natural, we minimize the renovation steps as much as possible to maintain its original texture. Lorence’s smooth leather refurbishment solutions can help to make your delicate handbags, clothes and shoes fresh as new.


First step

Use the right cleaner to remove surface stains and oil, etc. The mildest cleaner should always be used first, following by products of increasing potency as necessary to achieve the result required.


Second Step

After cleaning the leather goods, if the color is still uneven in some area. We can see that these are not stains but worn and torn from daily use. In this case, we recommend Lorence Water-based Fine Color 1901 Series for color replenishment. This product feature good covering power and softness, and is very suitable for the application of natural leather.


How to take care of smooth leather goods?

Regular leather cleaning and care can promptly remove stains and oil on the leather surface and extend the life of leather.

Lorence provides the smooth leather care solutions as below:


1 Clean
Leather Cleaner Gel – For general stains

Leather Cleaner Gel is a water-based cleaner gel that gently cleanses the surface of the leather. Differs from other liquid cleaner, cleaner gel would not create any forms while cleansing and thus leave any residuals on the surface of the leather.

Leather Foam Cleaner – For difficult stains

Leather Foam Cleaner is a very strong cleaner, designed to remove difficult stains or ingrained dirt in leather that have accumulated over time.


2 Nourish
Leather Refreshing Cream

Water-based protective cream based on precious, natural ingredients. Its delicate action makes possible to soften, renew and revive the colour of the leather, giving a silky touch and a natural gloss. Moreover, it carries out a barrier action against dirt, improving the stain resistance.