04 Jan 2022

Infinite Colors, Flexible Creation | Automatic Edge Paint Color Mixing Machine

4 January, 2022

Color combination plays a key role in the creation of leather goods. The most eye-catching element is the color when we present a piece of leather goods. When exploring the design of high-end leather goods, no doubt that designers pay special attention to the color matching of small details such as edge paint .

The designer make use of the color contrast between edge paint and main body of the leather bag to create a strong visual impact. Thereby, the leather bag as a whole appeared to be more dynamic.


In the design process of leather goods, details design can often play a finishing touch. In order to help designers and small workshop to obtain the desired edge paint color anytime and anywhere, to meet the needs of design and small-scale production. We have designed and launched an automatic edge paint color mixing machine with 16 color buckets, which can fulfil the designer’s requirements to get the ideal edge paint colors at any time.

In general, the paint mixing machine on the market matches the closest formula in the existing color database to generate the color. Therefore, the paint color accuracy is low, and the color deviation can only reach ΔE<3. As a result, it often needs further manual adjustment to get the ideal color.


However, D&A Edge Polymer Color Mixing Machine is equipped with a high accuracy spectrophotometer with the color deviation could reach ΔE1. After the spectrophotometer reads the desired color, the system automatically calculates and directly generates the color formula, which increases the accuracy while saving time and effort. The generated formula will be stored in the color database of the mixing machine, which is convenient for customers to retrieve and use at any time.


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