02 Nov 2023

How to Remove Repeated Mold From Leather|Lorence Mold Remove Solution

November 2, 2023

Mold is a microorganism invisible to the naked eye, but it is everywhere, once it encounters the right environment – the right temperature and humidity. Mildew will begin to reproduce rapidly.


As a natural material, leather has a high percentage of protein. As long as it is in a humid environment, it will cause mildew and damage the leather surface finish.


General Treatment on Moldy Leather Goods

The best way to control mildew is to clean the mold attached to the surface and followed by mildew-proof treatment. The proper cleaning can help to control the growth of mold. The active ingredients in Lorence’s Water-based Anti-mold can effectively inhibit and prevent the reproduction of mold to prevent repeated mold on leather goods. Besides, this product has good biodegradability and low environmental impact, which would not damage the original texture of the leather.



Wear protective gloves and a mask.

Use a brush to wipe the mold on the leather goods’ surface, and use a vacuum cleaner to remove it or wipe it off with a dry towel.

Use Mold Remover for cleaning. The Mold Remover is developed for leather mildew, which can easily remove mildew.

Apply Anti-mold on the leather surface which can effectively prevent mildew from forming again.


How to Prevent Leather Goods from Getting Mold Again?

To prevent repeated mold from leather, regular cleaning and care of leather products is essential. Through regular maintenance, the dirt, dust and grease attached to the leather surface can be removed, while mold cannot grow on a clean surface, thus protecting the leather.

Store in a well-ventilated area.