08 Sep 2023

How to Create Two-tone Effect on Brush Off Leather | Lorence Abrasive Wax

September 7, 2023

Brush off leather is a type of leather with special finishing. It is characterized by a layer of base coat (mainly light color) is applied at the first step and subsequently apply spray a layer of dark dye which cover the surface. This leather is very indicated for the production of footwear, but it can also be used for belts and leather goods in general.

Among the various types of leather processing, the brush-off one is very particular as the finishing that is performed on the leather by partly remove the surface color and uncover the base color to present strong two-tone effect which makes it comfortable and vintage to the eyes and to the touch.

Lorence Abrasive Wax W111

In practise, craftsmen will use abrasive wax (Wax111) to remove partly the brush off leather surface color (black coating) after high-speed rotation on the cloth brush. The treated leather will present uneven colors and create a layered and two-tone vintage effect.



Set the rotation speed of the cloth brush at rpm 1300-1500;

Apply the Wax111 on the cloth brush

Polish the lasted toe to obtain the desired effect