28 Jul 2022

High-gloss Leather Goods Renovation in One Step|Lorence Instant Shine

July 28, 2022

Genuine leather goods including handbags, leather shoes, etc., are like human skin, if leather care is not given in a period of time, the leather will lose its shine and become dull. For some high-end leather goods with high gloss, like those made of calfskin, the original shiny coating will be washed off in the cleaning process. Ordinary polishing creams or high-gloss fixing agent cannot restore the original gloss and texture.

In general, high-gloss leather goods are renovated with high-gloss fixing agents for shinny finish. However, some leather goods, such as high-gloss leather goods made of calfskin, require transparent high-gloss. Directly spaying the high-gloss fixing agent cannot achieve the original brightness, while adopting the top coat vanishes, the original look of transparency will be covered and lose the original texture of high-end leather goods.


Lorence Instant Shine

In response to the need for leather goods refurbishment in the market, Lorence has launched Instant Shine, which can impart leather goods with a strong sense of transparency, full gloss and good adhesion. Meanwhile, it is easy to operate and can be applied by hand or spray. This product contains natural waxes and resins, which can help leather goods regain high transparent, high textured and long-lasting gloss.

Method 1: Spray Application

Spray with a spray gun, the times of spray is determined by the original gloss of the leather and the final effect.

Method 2: Hand Application

Please refer to video.