05 Jun 2024

Fusion of Innovation and Excellence | A Trailblazing Journey of Cross-Sector Collaboration between Fashion and Function

June 5, 2024

Cross-disciplinary collaborations always stimulate boundless creativity.  Creative Project by D&A Group has ventured into the field of bag design for the first time and successfully partnered with Mr. Stanley Lam, the founder of Golden Date Leather Goods Ltd. With an impressive career spanning almost half a century in leather goods production, Stanley Lam brings his wealth of experience to the table, resulting in the creation of an extraordinary and fashionable high-street bag. We had the privilege of interviewing Stanley to hear the story behind the birth of this distinctive bag.

The Design Inspiration of “Baochuan”

When discussing design inspiration, Stanley’s eyes sparkled with enthusiasm. He shared with us that this high-street playful bag draws its inspiration from the ancient and magnificent Chinese treasure ships , Baochuan. The design ingeniously incorporates the form of the ship from bow to stern into the bag’s structure, as if telling a grand maritime tale. The bag features boat-shaped copper hardware, reminiscent of the vessels, while the shoulder strap symbolizes a straight course, representing the voyage of the light boat that has crossed countless mountains.

The Perfect Fusion of Design and Practicality

Stanley, who began his journey as an apprentice at a young age, possesses a comprehensive understanding of every facet of leather goods production. When designing this bag, he approached it with a meticulous focus on practicality, high-street fashion attributes, and the artistry of craftsmanship. He recognizes that a design’s triumph lies not only in visual allure but in its practicality and durability, all while ensuring market acceptance. It is through these thoughtful considerations that this bag exemplifies both artistic value and utmost practicality

Pursuit of High-Quality Materials

In the meticulous selection of materials, Stanley devoted great effort while adhering to the principles of environmental sustainability. He has chosen the “breathable leather” – Toscana vegetable leather sourced from Italy, which is crafted using tannins extracted from pure natural plants. This leather undergoes natural transformations over time, showcasing distinct color variations that record the unique usage patterns of its owner. To infuse a touch of fashion inspired by traditional Chinese elements, the bottom of the bag features the renowned Maison Mihara Yasuhiro’s shoe sole. Additionally, the bag is equipped with top-of-the-line YKK bullet head zippers, copper hardware, and the groundbreaking bio-based edge paint by D&A Edge Polymer, ensuring not only an exquisite appearance but also a steadfast commitment to environmental sustainability. Every single detail exemplifies the relentless pursuit of exceptional quality.

Challenges and Breakthroughs

Although Stanley has extensive experience in the leather goods industry, this creative endeavor posed a completely new challenge. He admitted that the biggest challenge was to seamlessly integrate handbag craftsmanship with shoemaking techniques. The design of this bag involved cross-material integration, necessitating the fusion of two distinct crafts. To overcome this obstacle, Stanley conducted numerous trials and modifications, ultimately presenting this flawless masterpiece.

Within a market teeming with an abundance of options, Stanley observed that only a few have the power to truly touch people’s hearts and ignite widespread discussion. He firmly believes that industry professionals need to focus more on the practicality and innovation of their products to attract consumers’ attention and lead the market’s healthy development



The Synergy of Craftsmanship and Design

Collaboration with designers is crucial. Stanley believes that in-depth communication and exchange with designers are key to ensuring the success of a product. He emphasizes the need to fully understand the designer’s ideas and requirements while combining one’s own craftsmanship and technical skills to seamlessly incorporate design concepts into the product. For example, during the process of collaborating with a player-oriented brand to create a camera bag, he need to work with a team of seven designers, detailed design requirements in a document spanning over 50 pages and closely collaborated with more than 30 suppliers. Through continuous communication and adjustments, they successfully crafted a product that received widespread praise from players.

Preserving Traditional Craftsmanship

Stanley admits that the rise of fast fashion has indeed posed certain challenges to traditional craftsmanship, but he firmly believes that it does not mean traditional craftsmanship will disappear. He emphasizes that handbag making, as an artistic craft, possesses unique charm and value that deserve to be inherited and magnified. He holds a deep passion for leather craftsmanship and the entire industry, which drives him to constantly push the boundaries of design and craftsmanship, seeking higher artistic realms.

He firmly believes that only through the continuous preservation and promotion of traditional craftsmanship can these precious cultural heritage be sustained, allowing more people to appreciate the unique charm of traditional craftsmanship. To continue this tradition, Stanley hopes that more young people can join the industry, learn, and inherit these invaluable traditional crafts. He expects the new generation of artisans to create more works full of human touch and vitality, revitalizing traditional craftsmanship in modern society.