13 Oct 2023

Formulating High Performance Water-based Blister Pack Adhesives |Technical Control Water-based Heat Seal Resin

October 12, 2023

Water-based blister pack adhesives is a water-based heat seal coating designed for blister packaging. It is mainly used to bond the thermoplastic material such as PET and a backing material that is typically made of paper. It can be also used for the heat seal between transparent PVC, PC and paper, aluminum materials. Adhesives for manufacturing blister packaging must adhere well to paper or aluminum, have a low activation temperature. It is a new generation of green product as an alternative choice to traditional solvent-based blister pack adhesives.



Features of Water-based Blister Pack Adhesives

Nowadays, the chemical composition of water-based blister pack adhesives is mostly based on acrylic resin and styrene copolymer emulsion plus film-forming additives, anti-wear agents, etc. The most common problems found in this type of blister pack adhesives is week temperature resistance. Given this, backing materials are feature with poor flexing resistance at low temperature and has poor anti-retack resistance at high temperatures and high humidity. Before blister procedure, the stacking of single paper board is easy to stick to each other and destroyed printed image. The new generation of water-based blister pack adhesives are formulated with a certain percentage of water-based polyurethane resin in the preparation process to improve the overall product performance.


Advantages of Waterborne PUD Compounded with Water-Based Blister Pack Adhesives

The main function of waterborne PUD added into water-based blister pack adhesives is mainly used to improve the adhesion of the coating. The water-based PU adhesive excellent permeability and cold resistance designed and developed by Technical Control are featured with a soft and flexible film, excellent permeability and temperature resistance. These characteristics offer the later formulated water-based blister pack adhesives has strong adhesion, good flexibility, and excellent anti-sticking properties.


Product Parameters