17 Nov 2023

Exhibition Highlight|CHINACOAT – Shanghai

November 17, 2023

The highly successful CHINACOAT 2023 concluded on November 17th at the Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC). This premier exhibition brought together engineers and technicians from the coatings industry worldwide. Our team actively participated in in-depth exchanges with visitors and industry colleagues, fostering discussions on diverse coating solutions across various application fields.


Technical Control offers a comprehensive range of environmentally friendly coating solutions that cater to the specific application requirements of various industries. During this year’s exhibition, we placed particular emphasis on showcasing the implementation of sustainable coating solutions across different sectors. These included leather finishing, textile finishing, printing inks, and other industrial applications.

Our booth garnered significant attention, with visitors actively engaging in technical discussions with our professional product team. Leveraging our expertise, we offered a comprehensive range of solutions to address the diverse application needs and challenges posed by various substrates.

Showcase Area

Technical Contract offers environmentally-friendly material solutions for various coating industries without compromising on their high performance. Throughout the exhibition, we showcased the practical application effects of our products across different downstream sectors. Notably, the application of non-plastic barrier coatings on paper and water-based industrial coatings garnered significant praise and interest from numerous customers.

We firmly hold the belief that by offering innovative coating solutions, Technical Control can assist customers in achieving product sustainability, environmental friendliness, and driving industry advancements. We remain committed to collaborating closely with our customers to promote technological breakthroughs and foster innovation, thereby paving the way for broader prospects and development within the water-based coatings industry.