11 Apr 2024

Enhancing the Surface Touch on Paper and Plastic Film | Technical Control Waterborne Matte PUD

April 12, 2024

In recent years, there has been a growing trend in the packaging material market towards the utilization of soft-touch inks. These inks are often applied uniformly over the printed design on the packaging, resulting in a surface that offers a pleasingly soft-to-the-touch experience.

PUD for Soft-touch Inks

In response to industry applications and requirements, Technical Control has developed a specialized product known as matt PUD MH579A. This particular product is designed for use in Soft-touch inks utilized on both paper and plastic film surfaces. Notably, this nonionic aliphatic PUD formulation does not contain matting agents. The resulting film formation achieved through the application of matt PUD MH579A is characterized by its smooth, delicate, and soft texture, while still maintaining exceptional transparency and providing a strong soft-touch experience. Moreover, this product exhibits commendable resistance to weather and hydrolysis.The chemical and mechanical resistance such as water resistance, solvent resistance, adhesion and wear resistance can be improved by adding aziridine, isocyanate or carbodiimide cross-linking agent.

Product Features:

No matting agent, deep matt;

Eco-friendly product, no APEO, NMP and organic tin impurity residues;

Good weather resistance and hydrolysis resistance;

Outstanding scratch resistance;

Can be hot stamped, resistant to 200℃ without yellowing.


PVC film

PET film

BOPP film


Specialty paper

Product Parameters

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