21 Jun 2024

Elevating Screen Printing Inks Top Coat on Shoe Upper Materials with Technical Control High-Performance Waterborne Polyurethane Resin

June 21, 2024

High-gloss screen printing inks top coat demonstrate a remarkable ability to significantly enhance the luster and luxurious feel of screen printing inks, rendering them exceptionally smooth and vibrant. Furthermore, these advanced top coats exhibit superior abrasion resistance, washability, and weatherability, effectively preventing wear and fading during everyday use and laundering, thereby extending the product’s functional lifespan.

Catering to the demands of high-glossy coatings in footwear screen printing inks, Technical Control has developed a water-based polyurethane resin with a superior performance profile. This top coat boasts exceptional attributes, including high gloss, outstanding elasticity, soft and transparent film formation, exceptional abrasion resistance, exemplary water resistance, non-tackiness, and exceptional flexibility. Furthermore, this product is compliant with ZDHC MRSL3.1, aligning with the principles of environmentally sustainable green production.

The versatile performance of this product facilitate its pivotal role in footwear coatings, effectively addressing the diverse requirements of various footwear materials.

Product Features

High tensile strength with a soft touch

Remarkable flex resistance at low-temperature, high gloss

Excellent water resistance

Free of APEO, NMP, and tin substance

Product Parameters

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