18 Aug 2022

Confer Natural Satin Appearance to Footwear | Lorence Satin Shoe Cream

August 18th, 2022

Satin is a sheen between natural gloss and matt. With the changes of people’s aesthetic taste, products with satin finish are getting more popular these days. In terms of visual effects, glossy leather is prone to excessive visual impact while matt leather does not reflect light and has a calm tone, however, it is not easy to match with other accessories.


Lorence’s Satin Shoe Cream is made from the prestigious natural and synthetic wax emulsion with a high degree of softness and excellent application power which confers a natural satin appearance to footwear. This product can be used on any type of leather to achieve a satin finish. When applied on full grain or corrected grain leather, the treated leather is featured with a low sheen and excellent natural transparency. In the case of finished leather with a high shine, satin shoe cream could help to reduce the sheen after application.


Satin finish gains a balance between gloss and matt giving a low profile and elegant feel.


Suggested Application:

1.Apply the satin shoe cream with high density sponge, leave to dry for a few minutes.

2.Lightly brush with a cotton brush with a little abrasive wax of the WAX 111 series.

3.Brush with a clean cotton brush to remove the wax residues.


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Extinction Application of Finished Leather Shoe